STEM Strategies

What's the Problem?

Student success today rests on a strong foundation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) — collectively, the disciplines students need to solve complex problems and compete on a world stage. Once a global leader, the U.S. is now struggling to maintain even its place in the middle, overshadowed by countries as diverse as China, Korea, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Other countries have successfully set their sights on leading the world in STEM; we are now racing to catch up.

What's the Solution?

To help students and our country finish first, students need the opportunity to deeply explore the STEM disciplines. True STEM education transforms the teaching and learning experience, connects learning to relevant regional career opportunities and economic growth clusters, gives students a leg up in college, and—ultimately—builds the next generation of problem solvers, innovators, inventors, collaborators and leaders.

We’re helping national, state and regional leaders, funders and advocates:

  • Identify STEM learning experiences that connect, align and leverage public and private investments and assets across the PreK-20 education and economic growth continuums
  • Implement STEM education experiences that enhance STEM teaching and learning, with a particular emphasis on real-world STEM industries, products and professionals
  • Embed inspiring STEM experiences in classrooms, programs and schools
  • Design and launch STEM centers, hubs, and networks that address learning within and beyond schools
  • Engage key community and private sector partners in addressing the STEM talent challenge