District Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted unprecedented challenges on K12 and postsecondary education systems. It has laid bare and exacerbated the structural and racialized inequities that exist in our society’s institutions—from education to healthcare, housing, food security and employment. The education, health and economic impacts are having a compounding effect on Black, Brown and Indigenous communities, as well as on English learners and students with learning differences—and the intersectionality of these learning needs. With the combination of new COVID variants emerging and accumulated unfinished learning, there is even more impetus to shift away from a “return to pre-COVID” and reimagine what the future could look like for school systems and the students and families they serve.

The challenge is that the pace, intensity and scale of change required for communities to better serve students of color, students experiencing poverty, English learners and students with learning differences is far greater than many districts’ capacity to deliver. This is the moment for district innovation—for districts to reflect on what they have learned and innovate further to reimagine schooling for an equitable future. 

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Below are resources we have published that speak to the research we have conducted on designing school systems with equity at the center and the role of the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).