Step Back to Discuss Progress

RECOMMENDATION 9: Partners should be open to change and regularly step back to honestly discuss progress and challenges

Partners must build a mindset of continuous improvement. Taking time to step back to identify unresolved challenges and areas of progress helps partners build trust and accountability while making adjustments as they move forward. As they do this, partners must keep an open mind and must be willing to make the first move to change.


Steps You Can Take

  • Have regular step-back conversations, elevating district voice. Partners must commit to regularly stepping back to discuss challenges and opportunities. It is especially important that districts have an opportunity to share their concerns.
  • Learn from others to build a broader perspective. To bring new, creative ideas into the partnership, partners must be intentional about looking to see what is happening at the national level and bringing those innovations to their work.
  • Be willing to make the first move. Change is difficult for both districts and teacher preparation programs; however, partners must be willing to step up and make the first move to make programs better.