Align on Key Expectations

RECOMMENDATION 3: Partners should align on rubrics and key expectations for program graduates

While some partners stop at high-level vision setting conversations, strong partners delve into the nitty-gritty; i.e., what specific knowledge, skills and mindsets will a graduate from the teacher preparation program have in order to be successful as a first-year teacher (and beyond) in the district? How will these capacities be assessed and what tool(s) will we use? How does this look in each content area and grade? Agreement at these levels, though often complicated, ensures that partners are committed to achieving a shared vision of excellence.


Steps You Can Take

  • Identify shared rubrics and key expectations for graduates. Though it may seem obvious, districts and educator preparation programs should align on what high-quality instruction—and ultimately success—looks like for educators.
  • Develop and conduct staff training around rubrics and expectations. Once partners identify rubrics and expectations, they must ensure a common understanding of them and the fidelity of their use.
  • Know when to bow out. Though partnership requires significant flexibility, partners must also get clear on what matters most. There is no shame in adhering to key values and principles.