Understand the Talent Pipeline

RECOMMENDATION 1: Districts should understand their talent pipeline and discuss these needs with teacher preparation programs

From the start, partnerships must be focused on the needs of districts, their teachers and students. To create what many teacher preparation program and district leaders call a “consumer-driven partnership,” partners must examine district data to understand workforce needs, challenges and opportunities but not assign blame.


Steps You Can Take

  • Assume responsibility for collecting and analyzing pipeline data. Districts and educator preparation programs should invest in rigorous analysis of local pipelines to determine needs, identify focus areas and monitor progress.
  • Organize data into accessible reports. Data isn’t useful if it’s not accessible and understandable. Ensure that the data is provided in a way that allows stakeholders to draw the right conclusions.
  • Focus on a few primary partners. Partnerships need depth and focus to be successful. Prioritize fewer, deeper partnerships over more surface-level ones.