Adina Lopatin

Adina Lopatin coordinated TeachingWorks’ efforts to develop and share teacher education curriculum resources. She began her career working on a project that mapped the spending of criminal justice dollars by census tract, which led her to examine how New York City schools were serving the children in its poorest neighborhoods. As deputy chief academic officer and in other roles at the New York City Department of Education, Adina led efforts to reform policies on school accountability and student assessment, open new schools and redesign central offices. Interested in more deeply understanding how students and teachers were experiencing the city’s reform efforts, Adina volunteered in a ninth grade mathematics class for recent immigrant students, which led her to train as a history teacher at Boston’s Charlestown High School and to study education leadership, especially adult learning and development, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Adina studied history at Yale College and completed the teacher education and education leadership doctoral programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.