Dr. Lynda Scott
Regional Support Specialist, US PREP

Dr. Lynda Scott has been a Regional Transformation Specialist (RTS) for US PREP since 2017. She has supported multiple universities in their transformation efforts and has experience leading change in a variety of contexts. Her primarily role as an RTS is to provide on-the-ground support to higher-education leaders, faculty, district partners and other pertinent stakeholders. She provides virtual and on-site professional development, as well as coaching, resources, and support to aid leaders in improving clinical quality and meeting their transformation goals.

Dr. Scott has done research related to technology integration through her doctoral program and successfully implemented an online community for teacher educators focused on improving their ability to implement, support and model best practices related to technology integration. US PREP has utilized Dr. Scott in a variety of special projects including content development, toolkit design and communications. She is a team player and is always willing to help wherever she is needed.