Chief Talent Officer Community of Practice

The role of a Chief Talent Officer in an urban school district is difficult, to say the least, but critical to teacher and student success. These individuals are charged with the day-to-day human capital needs of their school system, while also driving initiatives tied to educator effectiveness, such as teacher leadership or principal evaluation.

While every district is different, Chief Talent Officers frequently face many of the same challenges. So over the last two years, with the support of the Joyce Foundation, Education First has supported a community of practice that includes the Chief Talent Officers from Indianapolis Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools. These three leaders—Mindy Schlegel of Indianapolis, Matt Lyons of Chicago and Maggie Sullivan of Minneapolis—have been focusing on how to strengthen their human capital pipelines through partnerships with teacher preparation programs, and have made impressive progress for their students.

Watch this video to learn more about the CoP, and read more reflections from the Chief Talent Officers here. Click on the links above to watch short videos on the work of each of the participating districts.