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Evaluation and Support: Strategies for Success Series Overview

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

If states and districts want new evaluation systems to improve teaching and raise student achievement, they will need to provide the right resources and supports to guide implementation. This series of six policy briefs provide practical advice to help leaders develop or refine their teacher evaluation and support systems. Each brief covers a unique topic related to evaluation and support, highlights promising practices and links to resources that education leaders can use to strengthen their own systems. These topics include: 1) Classroom observations; 2) Student surveys; 3) Student learning objectives; 4) Professional development and support; 5) Educator engagement and communications; and 6) Combining multiple measures.

We developed these briefs with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. You can read the introduction to the series here, or download the PDF version at the bottom of this page.

Classroom Observations: Measuring Teachers’ Professional Practices

Classroom observations are an essential component of all rigorous teacher evaluation systems. But in far too many schools, observations are treated as a compliance exercise rather than an opportunity to improve teacher practices. In this brief, we provide state and...
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Measuring Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Effectiveness

Students recognize effective teaching when they experience it, and they spend more time observing their teachers than anyone else. But only a handful of states and districts use student surveys in educator evaluations, mostly because of opposition from teachers and...
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Student Learning Objectives: Measuring Student Growth and Supporting Great Teaching

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are a way to measure student growth and reinforce effective teaching practices, but they can also be resource-intensive and challenging to implement. In this brief, we explain how state and district leaders can overcome these challenges...
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Professional Learning and Support: Linking Evaluation Data to Teacher Support and Improvement

Evaluation and support are intended to complement one another: Evaluation measures help teachers identify their strengths and areas for improvement, while support and professional learning help teachers improve their instruction. In this brief we explain how state and district leaders...
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Communications and Engagement: Building Educators’ Support for New Evaluations

Communications and engagement can make or break a new evaluation and support system. Even a well-designed system will falter if teachers don’t understand it or if they believe it was created without their input. In this brief we explain how...
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Putting it All Together: Using Multiple Measures to Improve Teaching

Student achievement data can be used to help states and districts improve instruction, design professional development opportunities, and assess the quality of teacher preparation programs, resulting in more effective educators. In this brief we lay out the key decision points...
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