Part 5 of a Series

Brief 5: Aligning Gateway College Courses

Client: Core to College Network

In this brief we describe how K-12 and higher education can collaborate on the courses that students first take when they begin postsecondary education. Students perform better and stick with higher education longer when they have a smooth, seamless transition from high school. If K-12 and higher education work together, they can design gateway courses that ease students into the rigor of their new coursework without watering down the content. In the brief we provide practical advice for how the two sectors can initiate conversations on how to align K-12 standards to these courses and offer examples from the field.

This is the fifth in a series of six briefs on K-12 and higher education alignment titled K-12/Higher Education Alignment: An Action Agenda for Increasing Student Success. The series is based on our experience as the national director for the Core to College project and the experience of the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) with the College and Career Readiness Partnership. Each brief describes a different alignment challenge, practical advice for action, important resources and state examples.

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