Student Learning Objective (SLO) Library

Client: US Department of Education

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are content- and grade/course-specific learning goals that educators can use to measure what students learn over a period of time. In many states and districts, SLOs are incorporated into educator evaluations and used to measure teachers’ contributions to student growth. SLOs promote a cycle of planning, teaching, reflecting and adjusting, but they also take a considerable amount of skill, resources and time to be implemented with quality and rigor.

What do high-quality student learning objectives (SLOs) look like? How can educators strengthen an SLO and improve its quality? To find out, we collaborated with state leaders in the Reform Support Network to compile SLOs from states and districts in a variety of grade and subject areas. The library is designed as a teaching tool: Each SLO in the library has been annotated to note its strengths and ways it can be improved, and readers are encouraged to extrapolate lessons from these examples to produce new, original, high-quality SLOs. Readers can search for SLOs in the library by state or district, or by grade and subject area.

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