Limitless, a Postsecondary Enrollment Learning Network, brings together practitioners across Washington state who are leading the implementation of programs that support students’ transitions from high school to postsecondary education. That includes college and career readiness district directors, higher education enrollment staff, and nonprofit organizations providing advising and other college and career guidance support.  

The 25 partnerships in Limitless (see below for details) will have an opportunity to connect with teams of local K12 and higher education partners with peers across Washington state, creating opportunities to share information, explore new ideas, and develop best practices together. Local partnerships will learn from each other, share insights, improve program relevance and outcomes, and strengthen the state’s ecosystem of support—all with the goal of unlocking opportunities for young people across the state and helping more students take control of their own futures. 

With Education First as the Learning Network manager, practitioners will:  

  • Gain insight into what’s been tried and what’s working around topics such as strengthening partnership capacities, increasing data capacity, and designing and implementing effective strategies to increase postsecondary enrollment rates 
  • Collaborate with other regions and community members to learn what’s possible to help more students move forward successfully after high school  

Over the course of four academic years (23–24, 24–25, 25–26, 26–27), partnerships will engage in a wide range of learning activities such as virtual learning sessions and two-in person convenings each year. Partnerships receive $25,000 per academic school year and additional support for travel and lodging expenses through funding support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  

Limitless Partnerships 

We will update this section with the list of the 25 participating partnerships once confirmed by the week of October 9th.