Build Coherent Strategy

Education First believes that inequitable and incoherent education systems are a product of design—and thus can be redesigned. Our emphasis on “coherence” comes from a belief that achieving a more equitable education system requires the parts to deliberately “stick together” to form a consistent whole; systems achieve desired results when education policies and practices are grounded in equitable ways of thinking and working, these components are logically connected and the people within the system share a unified focus and purpose. Thus, our process and work with education leaders is not the typical strategic planning engagement: We draw on our expertise and experiences as former educators, policymakers, grantmakers and systems leaders, and we emphasize an inclusive approach to problem-identification and problem-solving. Our strategy planning methodology builds on our research-based Coherence Framework and focuses on ensuring organizations are solving the right problems (that communities are trying to solve) before jumping to solutions; encourages organizational leaders to explore a range of solutions; and applies what we learn from inclusive problem definition, as well as deep analysis of the landscape to co-create the strategic and implementation plans with you.