Convene Learning Communities

Education First uses expert facilitation, knowledge of effective networks and leading-edge adult learning principles to create highly-rated convenings, learning communities and collaborations. It’s too easy for learning networks to focus on networking and forget the learning; we believe bringing leaders together—whether one time or as an ongoing community, virtual or in person—requires intentional design and skilled support to ensure they can reflect, learn from others, collaborate to solve problems and draft action plans to make change. Many of our successful approaches—which we can adapt for you based on your learning goals—are described in our Strategic Convenings Toolkit. We have particular expertise supporting collaborations between foundations. We help new funder collaboratives come together to define shared goals for impact, identify opportunities to align or pool grantmaking, and accomplish more than any one funder could do individually. Having advised and helped manage dozens of funder collaborations over nearly 15 years, we understand what causes some to flourish and others to flounder.