Invest with Impact

Education First helps you develop more thoughtful, equitable and effective investment strategies anchored in a deep understanding of the communities your organization seeks to serve—and the problems these communities seek to solve. We work with foundations and individual program officers to better understand community desires, expert opinions and emerging research findings; learn more about trends, challenges and gaps in the sector; identify grantmaking opportunities that well align with their goals, interests and resources; and set realistic goals for change. To allow funders to realize the collective impact of their investment and best support the efforts and impact of their grantees, we also regularly facilitate grantee convenings, organize networking opportunities among grantees and create ongoing learning communities to build strategy and share best practices. We also help funders learn from one another and align their grantmaking strategies and investments: We have designed, facilitated and managed dozens of effective funder collaboratives that set common learning agendas among diverse funders and co-invest with success.