Strategic School Staffing Solutions

Transforming School Staffing to Improve Student Learning and Reimagine the Role of Teachers

Strategic School Staffing Solutions

As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern education, the need to reimagine the role of teachers to better serve all students, particularly those historically marginalized, has become paramount. Despite significant advancements in technology, and changing economic and workforce needs, most schools still operate with a one teacher, one classroom model that fails to meet the needs of many students. Strategic school staffing offers a solution to these challenges by reimagining the teaching profession and how talent is organized within schools and districts.

With support from the following foundations – Schusterman, Joyce, Overdeck, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Carnegie – Education First conducted a nationwide landscape scan that provides a deeper understanding of the characteristics of strategic school staffing, identifies current models, and includes a set of recommendations for the role philanthropy can play to further advance the adoption and implementation of strategic school staffing models in more schools across the country.

This group of foundations funded this landscape scan on strategic school staffing to ensure all students learn from highly-qualified, excellent teachers leading to positive outcomes for learners.

Below you will find downloadable links to key content created by Education First, including; the full landscape scanand conceptual framework that distills the enabling conditions and key characteristics of strategic school staffing.

Strategic School Staffing Landscape Scan

The public resource above is designed to inform philanthropic funders, district leaders and policy makers about strategic school staffing and provide recommendations for how to scale strategic school staffing to more schools and districts across the country.

Download the Strategic School Staffing Landscape Scan

Strategic School Staffing Framework

The conceptual framework distills the characteristics of strategic school staffing and the enabling conditions necessary to support its scale and adoption.

View the Framework

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