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Race to the Top: Following Through on What We Started

With the Obama administration’s signature education initiative, Race to the Top, officially concluded, states and districts should resist the temptation to try new reforms and should focus on improving implementation of the initiatives adopted to increase student success and close...
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Following Through On What We’ve Started

Race to the Top directed billions of dollars to states in order to put in place college and career ready standards, educator evaluations, data systems and school turnaround strategies. Yet after five years, the work of implementing and sustaining these...
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Reform Support Network – Quality Evaluation Rollout Work Group

In some Race to the Top states, too often educators viewed new educator evaluation systems as burdensome mandates whose main purpose was to fire underperformers – and many evaluators lacked the capacity to differentiate ratings and connect evaluation to teacher support.

Assessment Design Toolkit

Measuring what students know and can do is an essential part of teaching, and like many teaching practices, designing assessments is sophisticated work. In this toolkit, produced under contract as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s Reform Support Network...
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Communications and Engagement Assessment Rubric

We created this rubric to help State education leaders reflect on their current communications and engagement efforts and take tangible steps forward to improve their work. The rubric helps leaders confirm areas of strength and identify areas of need while...
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