Colette Astorgue
Operations Coordinator

Colette Astorgue, an executive assistant with Education First since 2008, is a true jack of all trades. A world-traveling polyglot (she has visited every continent), she has dabbled in ski patrol, commercial fishing and white water rafting and now enjoys Krav Maga and Cumbia dance. Colette’s unique skillset and quest for adventure, along with her interest in education policy, are only a few reasons why she was selected as the second hire ever made by Education First.

Since beginning at Education First, Colette has successfully weathered eleven staff retreats, four partners and three laptop upgrades. Today she supports seven of the firm’s leaders, who she believes inspire her to bring her ‘A’ game every day.

A graduate of one of the Seven Sisters colleges, Colette believes, “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad” (Theodore Roosevelt). She calls the Pacific Northwest home.

Colette's expertise

  • Getting Stuff Done
  • Executive Support
  • Administration
  • Master Scheduler
  • Dealing with Ambiguity

Recent clients

  • AEM Corp
  • Blue Mountain Community College
  • Great Schools
  • NoVo Foundation
  • Oak Foundation

Places Colette Would Like to Visit

  • Ethiopia
  • Cuba
  • Sri Lanka

Colette likes

  • astorgue-antartica
    Hero shot, geographic pole, Antarctica

  • Algerian couscous dinner fait maison avec la famille