Sheila Briggs

Sheila Briggs joins Education First after three decades of service in our public school systems. She works on the Engaged Students team and is passionate about supporting systems leaders in redesigning to better meet the needs of ALL kids, particularly those students that we have traditionally failed.  

She joins with Education First in envisioning a world in which every student is prepared to succeed—a world in which income and race no longer determine the quality of education. Sheila was a first generation college student, and she has spent her entire career focusing on improving our systems by designing for students on the margins.  

Prior to coming to Education First, she was a teacher, principal, central office administrator, and most recently, Assistant State Superintendent of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  Sheila got her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis and did her doctoral research on the impact of racial consciousness in two high achieving urban districts.  

After work, if you can’t find Sheila backpacking, paddling, snowboarding, scuba diving or hiking you will likely find her documenting the family adventures in many detailed scrapbooks. She and her husband and both kids have their blackbelts in TaeKwonDo.

Sheila's expertise

  • College & Career Ready Expectations
  • Academic and Non-Academic Supports for Students
  • Educator Evaluation, Development & Support
  • Policy Analysis & Development
  • Pathways for Student Success

Recent clients

  • EdReports
  • Aspen Institute
  • The Broad Center
  • Achieve

Sheila's Notable Recognitions

  • Broad Academy Fellow
  • Dissertation of the Year, UW Madison ELPA
  • Wallace Fellow
  • Wisconsin School of Promise Award

Sheila likes

  • Backpacking in the Grand Canyon 2016

  • Army mom