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Allison Pennington

Business Development Consultant

As a Consultant on the Effective Organizations and Investments team, Allison supports clients in developing equity-focused strategies to help students and educators thrive.

Allison’s experiences as a public school teacher, research analyst, foundation staff member and grant writer drive her passion for this work. She believes that every student deserves well-prepared and well-supported teachers, and that funders and policymakers serve students and teachers best by centering their voices and co-designing solutions with them.

Allison holds a BS in Elementary Education from Florida College, an MEd in Reading Education from Vanderbilt University, and an MPA in Policy Analysis from Texas A&M University. She lives in Bryan, Texas with her husband and son. Allison enjoys baking, singing in her community choir, playing piano and writing about her quirky dog, Garfield.


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Pathways for Student Success

Academic and Non-Academic Supports for Students

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San Diego Foundation

Allison likes

Finding excuses to bake excessively sugary desserts

Occasionally cartooning about life with a small human

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