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To, Through and Teaching

A toolkit for creating high-quality educator pathways for high school students

This toolkit is intended for leaders of K12 districts and educator preparation programs who are looking to build robust pathways into the teaching profession, especially by forging partnerships so cohorts of students may complete their teacher credentialing program and return to their home districts to begin their teaching careers. The guide will also be useful for education leaders who are involved in an existing program for high school students aspiring to become educators and want to expand or improve it. Finally, we offer this toolkit as a resource to state policymakers, funders and others who are interested in supporting the ecosystem of cultivating diverse, highly qualified K12 teachers.

Like our companion toolkit on teacher preparation partnerships, this resource outlines three stages for creating high-quality educator pathways for high school students: Initiation, Design and Implementation. Within each stage, we share key steps and offer practical tools for completing the associated major tasks.

Building a high-quality educator pathway for high school students is complex work that requires deep collaboration and a steady investment of time and resources. We hope this toolkit contributes to a stronger, more diverse educator workforce and, ultimately, better outcomes for students.

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