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Over the last few months we’ve worked with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) to create – and launch – the How I Know: Designing Meaningful Formative Assessment Practice project. #HowIKnow was created in an effort to improve and impact formative assessment for teachers and students.

How I Know will follow the journey of three pilot districts (Dallas Independent School District, Austin Independent School District and Tulsa Public schools) as they identify, scale and share successful approaches for designing formative assessment practice in classrooms. The districts committed to the two-year pilot initiative, part of which includes membership in a professional learning network with other districts. This network aims to identify, scale and share successful approaches to improve formative assessment practice in classrooms. Their learning and strategies will be shared through the How I Know Website and is also introduced in this launch blog.

Further, Getting Smart will be sharing updates via weekly blogs and graphics on We look forward to sharing about the districts’ journey to better, more meaningful formative assessment that drives powerful learning–and we hope you join us.

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