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Recovery with Equity

A roadmap for higher education after the pandemic

In partnership with students and education leaders across the state, Education First supported the Recovery with Equity Taskforce to produce a final report to recast today’s challenges as an opportunity to help California’s economy recover with a post-secondary ecosystem that is more equitable, resilient, coordinated, and aligned with the economic needs of the state. Defining strategies, policies, and practices to help California’s post-secondary institutions emerge from the pandemic stronger and better poised to serve all students, the final reports presents eleven actionable recommendations that were informed by extensive research on post-secondary and workforce outcomes and experiences in California. The research includes review of key findings from existing reports, original analyses of publicly available data, and interviews, focus groups, and survey responses provided by 196 stakeholders across California. Together, these findings emphasize the work needed to ensure that the opportunity for success and economic mobility is equitable and available to all.

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