Educator Evaluation Communications Toolkit

Client: US Department of Education

We developed this toolkit to provide state leaders with tools and resources on how to better communicate about educator evaluation systems with key audiences, with a focus on teachers. The toolkit draws from extended outreach with a group leading states implementing new evaluation systems. It includes recommended strategies to help States develop effective messages, provide educators with the information they really want, and communicate about difficult and complex topics such as value-added data.

Specific components of the toolkit include: 1) A guide to basic communication principles; 2) Key considerations for getting the message right; 3) A communications cheat-sheet summarizing points about communicating and messaging; 4) Recommended strategies for communicating about value-added measures; 5) A framework for how to meaningfully engage educators; 6) The “Four I’s” framework, which helps states and districts clarify the purpose of their communications efforts; 7) Testimonials from education leaders and educators about what has worked best in their efforts; and 8) additional resources.

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