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SEL – What the Field Needs Now

Over the course of a few days in January, we convened a group of leaders at national, regional and local foundations to connect, collaborate and learn about the current state of the social and emotional learning (SEL) field and what the field needs now. We focused our learning and thinking on three issues we believe have roots in social and emotional wellbeing – Chronic Absenteeism; Learning Conditions & Student Wellbeing; and Teacher Wellbeing & Retention of Diverse Educators – and created these documents as a starting place on how SEL is connected to these issues.

The field of K12 education, philanthropy, and policy leaders often address issues and challenges in silos. As you review the documents, what are the connections, interdependencies and common causes you see across trends in the landscape and the three issues we’ve highlighted (and other issues related to social and emotional learning)?

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