Promoting More Equitable Access to Effective Teachers: Strategic Options for States to Improve Placement and Movement

Client: US Department of Education

In 2015 the U.S. Department of Education announced that all 50 states would be required to develop equity plans to ensure that all students have access to excellent educators. As part of this effort we brought together state and district officials to identify strategies states and districts can use to address the issue of inequitable access to effective teachers. These strategies include: 1) Promoting strategic staffing initiatives within districts; 2) Improving the supply of highly effective teachers to high-needs schools; 3) Improving human capital management at the state and district levels; 4) Holding district and school leaders accountable for teacher distribution; and 5) Compensating excellent teachers in high-needs schools. For each strategy, we also include specific actions states and districts can take.

This brief is a companion to our brief Promoting More Equitable Access to Effective Teachers: Problems and Root Causes, which digs into the causes of inequitable access to quality teaching.

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