Reform Integration Framework and Resource Guide

Client: US Department of Education

In the Reform Integration Framework and Resource Guide, we offer state and local education leaders a framework to identify priorities for integrating new reforms around college- and career-ready standards, assessments and educator evaluation and support systems. The framework also provides more than 50 resources that can be adapted for local use and spotlights on successful integration efforts. The framework describes 12 core integration practices, broken into four focus areas: 1) Selecting and using standards-aligned materials; 2) Connecting observations and support systems with new standards; 3) Aligning people, technology, time and money; and 4) Involving teachers, leaders and external partners.

We co-developed the Integration Framework with state and district leaders through the Reform Support Network’s Transitions Work Group. We also conducted research and interviews with state education leaders and experts within and outside the work Group to hone the Framework’s Practices and Focus Areas to reflect the most critical “to dos” for education leaders committed to improving the cohesiveness of these three reforms.

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