Facilitator Guide

State Facilitator’s Guide for the Reform Support Network Communications and Engagement Assessment Rubric

Client: US Department of Education

The RSN’s “Communications and Engagement Assessment Rubric” helps State education leaders reflect on their current communications and engagement efforts and take tangible steps forward to improve their work. As a companion piece, we created this facilitator’s guide under contract as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s RSN in collaboration with the Education Delivery Institute to allow State teams to conduct an initial self-assessment using the rubric to improve their strategy or approach. This guide provides SEAs with a menu of exercises that they can use either separately or together to guide a review team through the process of examining elements of their current communications and engagement strategy. We also offer instructions for states to design either a comprehensive two-day workshop or individual sessions to address specific topics covered by the rubric.

After creating the guide, we pilot tested it in Massachusetts and Colorado and refined based on their input.

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