Investing in Title II-A: Strengthening School and Teacher Leadership
Making the Most of the Every Student Succeeds Act

Opportunities exist in Title II-A, now more than ever before, to design and fund strategies uniquely tailored to support school and teacher leaders. States are preparing to submit their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans in April, and after reviewing their draft plans, it’s clear that states are seizing this opportunity and proposing innovative approaches to school leadership, teacher leadership, residencies and preparation academies.

Education First developed this resource deck to help state policymakers, district leaders, advocates and funders make the most of ESSA Title II-A funding to strengthen school and teacher leadership. We reviewed 28 draft ESSA plans to create this resource deck that highlights the trends across plans, features examples of innovative states and includes strategies and resources for states. Education Week wrote an article on the report and highlighted plans in Iowa, Louisiana and Tennessee. We hope these materials will inform your thinking, spark a sense of possibility and jumpstart conversations about how you can use Title II-A’s flexible funding to better support school and teacher leaders in your state.

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